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Update #4: Pretty much just had sanding and painting left to get the canoe ready for the river. Probably won’t have a chance for another update for a while, as the next ten days will be spent on the Missouri River, traveling from Omaha to Kansas City.

I got really excited shopping at the health food store. Variety and selection at decent prices is something I took for granted until I moved to Iceland. For that matter, building a boat wouldn’t really have been feasible in Iceland either. It can be kind of a drag living somewhere where everything is really expensive and the weather is never reliably comfortable.

I’m having a great time with my friend Jamie who is getting married. I think this wedding will be something phenomenal.

Update #3 - day two of building my canoe. Hot day in the sun. Got the chine logs, gunwales, thwarts, and bottom all attached. Already I think I have something that will float.

Update #2. Slept on the greyhound, arrived in KCMO bright and early, fresh for a new day. Got some wood and began sawing it up and gluing it together. It is beginning to resemble a pirogue.

14th September

Update #1. g Grey old man getting really into Time Crisis 4 (shoot em up arcade game) here while I wait for my greyhound. Lady next to me on the train had a huge face tattoo and five kids. Went to get a veggie sub at Subway, had to ring a doorbell and get buzzed in. Something called a pedal pub just drove by. The tap water is horrible.

Sometimes get a little bit of culture shock when returning to America.

13th September

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12th September

About to set off for an adventure!  Will keep y’all updated.

11th September

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11th September

omg I just turned on netflix and there’s a whole new season of trailer park boys.

This is me all next week.


That feeling…


That feeling…

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31st August